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Relaxation and stimulation, mysticism and aromatic richness, exotic places and exciting stories: The world of tea is multifaceted, pleasurable and cosmopolitan. Ronnefeldt brings this precious natural product home to your home from all parts of the world. Our passion is tea, and it has been since 1823. Over many years a unique experience has developed out of our love of pleasure. To this day, we still produce our hand-picked teas (two leaves and one bud) using traditional methods and then very gently processing them into the final product: Premium leaf teas characterised by their exquisite flavours and rich taste experience. This fascinating tea story has been continued for you – with inspiration, sustainable approaches and innovative ideas.
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9:00 Japan | 13:00 Vietnam | 17:00 Colombia | 21:00 Austria
Anna Gönnheimer, Marketing

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    »If I were a tea, I’d be a fruit infusion: Lively, colourful, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour.«
    Gudrun Geigenfeind, Accounting  

    Ronnefeldt on Spotify: the ultimate Experience

    Every good tea should be accompanied by the right playlist. This is why we have selected all kinds of music for every mood, for a party or for a quiet evening at home, for quality time with your loved ones or for winding down on your own. The Spotify playlists provide you with the music that matches your own moments with a good tea. This way you can enjoy the ultimate experience with Ronnefeldt. And of course it is well known that music enhances our appreciation of pleasure.
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    Ronnefeldt TeaAcademy® for specialist retailers

    The Ronnefeldt TeaAcademy® is a great opportunity for tea experts to expand their knowledge, ignite their passion for the product and discover new possibilities in the world of tea so that they can offer the best service for their shop. Whether you are the proprietor or a staff member, we provide targeted training to boost your skills and expand your expertise in tea. You will be able to advise your customers with the utmost skill and offer them expert suggestions. A high degree of client satisfaction thanks to knowledgeable and carefully crafted advice will set you apart from the competition.