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Browse through our controversial range of exquisite teas: discover excellent tea qualities from the best gardens in the world. Qualities where you can taste the difference! Find out yourself how you align the teaware and the noble authorization.
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Loose tea

Loose tea provides greatest enjoyment, richness of aroma and diversity. Whether it is black, oolong, green or white tea, herbal or fruit infusion, an exquisite range of classic or flavoured varieties is waiting for your discerning guests.

Black tea


Flavored black tea


Green tea


Flavored green tea


Oolong tea


White tea


Flavored white tea




Herbal Infusion




Fruit Infusion



Pre-portioned tea

Our high-quality, pre-portioned teas are suitable for sophisticated enjoyment at home, at work or while traveling. For all varieties, we use the best tea quality and selected herbal and fruit tea ingredients that can be ideally enjoyed in a mug or a cup.

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Tea bag with aroma protection
This attractive tea bag is packaged in a protective sachet, keeping fragrance and aroma in and moisture out and allowing the tea to retain its subtle nuances and natural flavours.


Leaf tea perfectly portioned for the tea cup
We also offer carefully processed leaf teas as an easy solution for tea cups or mugs. The leaf tea comes in a filter large enough for the tea leaves to rapidly and completely unfurl and release their unique flavour.


Leaf tea perfectly portioned for the tea pot
It tastes like leaf tea, and it is leaf tea but comes ready portioned for the tea pot – the Tea-Caddy®, created by Ronnefeldt. The large filter gives the tea leaves room for unfolding and releasing their full flavour.


Organic  Vegan  Eco-Friendly
All the 100% teas are organically grown, produced and processed to be vegan. The ingredients are sown, nurtured, watered and harvested in gardens which are certified organic.


Leaf tea perfectly portioned for the tea glass
The leaf tea comes in a filter large enough for the tea leaves to rapidly and completely unfurl and release their unique flavour. Difference from LeafCup: Less Packaging - The individual tea bags are not individually wrapped in sachets.



Special tea deserves special attention. With our tea collections, we put together an exquisite selection of unique teas, be they particularly rare varieties, popular classics or selected anniversary teas. With their exclusive packaging, our tea collections are also a feast for the eyes and a real must for all collectors.


Discover the extensive range of tea accessories from Ronnefeldt. Here tea lovers will find everything they need for the perfect tea moment with Ronnefeldt tea.






Pure, sweetened or with milk - there are no rules for enjoying a good cup of tea. We have selected some high quality accompaniments to go with the Ronnefeldt tea assortment.


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